Paige is also trained to perform Live Blood Microscopy...

Live Blood Microscopy or Analysis is a screening tool, not diagnostic, performed by a Naturopath who has been specifically trained in live blood microscopy. Using a microscope, I am able to visually see your blood cells, and elements of blood cells that may help to determine particular areas of your health that may need support. A live blood screening also provides an indication into further testing. Live blood is an extremely useful screening tool that can assess the direction of treatment and progress.

A tiny drop of blood is collected from a finger prick then transferred onto a microscope slide for examination. Elements of the blood that are examined include:

  • The size, shape and mobility of red blood cells (RBCs).
  • The amount, size, shape and activity levels of white blood cells (WBCs).
  • The number of chylomicrons (fat digestion).
  • The size and amount as well as the adhesive properties of platelets.
  • Other elements observed are fatty deposits, uric crystals and other crystals.

These elements may indicate (not limited to) potential nutrient deficiencies, level of inflammation, level of oxidative stressliver function, and fat metabolism.

Observations are compared to what is considered normal.  Any variations that are observed in your blood are discussed enabling me to explore possible health problems associated with those variations, as well as dietary and lifestyle suggestions that may help to improve your overall health.